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Natural Black Hair Care

Resources, Advice, and Products For Taking Care of Natural Black and African American Hair

Healthy Hair Accessories

There are many different accessories you can use to help your hair stay healthy. Microfiber towels and turbans help to speed up hair drying time. They are made from a fiber that absorbs more water than regular towels. They are very gentle to the hair. If you use a blow dryer to dry your hair, these can help you cut down on blow drying time. When combing your hair, be sure to always use a wide tooth comb. A wide tooth comb is very handy for detangling hair. Use it with conditioner or a detangling and cleansing cream in the shower to work through kinks, tangles, and generally thick hair with less damage. Protect your hair when you sleep by using silk or satin. Sleeping on smooth fabrics such as silk or satin is recommended for for protecting your hair from breakage while sleeping. One simple way to protect your hair while you sleep is with a hair-friendly sleep cap. For silk sleep caps visit

Microfiber hair Towels

Wide Tooth Combs

Silk Pillowcases