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Natural Black Hair Care

Resources, Advice, and Products For Taking Care of Natural Black and African American Hair


Question: How do I trim the ends of natural hair? 

Answer: It depends on the length of your hair.

If your hair is long enough, separate it into a few sections(6 to 10), braid each section (not a cornrow, just a braid from scalp to the ends of the hair), and use high quality hair scissors to clip the ends of each braid.

If you hair is not long enough for braids, separate your hair into sections. Use a plastic comb on a section. With one hand, hold the comb, and insert the comb into the section of hair. Gently pull up the comb until only the ends of the hair are sticking out of the teeth of the comb. With the other comb use high quality hair scissors to clip the ends of the hair. Repeat for each section. You may want to have someone help you with this second method.

Another method for short hair is to use a set of hair clippers like the ones shown below:

When using clippers like these, be sure to get a set with attachments (the plastic comb like things in the picture). Each attachment has a measurement (like 1/4" or 1/2") which corresponds to the length of the hair after it has been cut. So if you want to trim your hair into a 1/2" afro, comb through your hair, and then clip it using a set of clippers with the 1/2" attachment attached to the clippers.