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Combing Natural Black Hair | Natural Black Hair Care

Natural Black Hair Care

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Combing Natural Black Hair

One of the best times to comb through natural black hair is to do it when it is wet. When the hair is wet, you decrease the friction between the hair strands and the work of combing is much much easier. Here is one way to comb natural black hair.

You will need: 
  • a wide tooth comb
  • a bottle of moisturizing conditioner
  • a clean spray bottle (one that has not been used for anything else) filled with warm water.

Work on the hair in sections. For each section, gently mist the hair with the spray bottle until it is damp. If you are using conditioner to help you with the combing process, apply some hair conditioner to the hair and work it through with your fingers. Then gently comb the hair using your wide tooth comb, beginning at the ends, and working your way down to the roots. When you are finished, style the hair, and then blot the hair dry to remove excess conditioner and water. Let the hair dry, or use a blow dryer to dry the hair with hot air.